Estate Planning

At the heart of estate planning are the people who matter the most to you – your family and loved ones. Creating an estate plan does not have to be complicated or an arduous process. But simply put… it’s important.

A will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children and assets, but it allows you to control who will manage your estate after you are gone, how your property will be divided, who will receive it and even who will have custody over your children. So for parents with minor children, a will is essential. Without one, the state will select a guardian for your children and it may not be the person you would choose to raise your kids.

Most estate plans also include a living will/health care directive and health & financial powers of attorney – which are three/four things everyone needs. These documents create a plan for end of life and other care and designate a trusted person to make financial and health care decisions for you when you are unable to make them yourself.

My estate planning services include:

  • Preparation of Standard Wills, Living Wills/Health Care Directives, and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finances
  • Credit Shelter Trusts for spouses
  • Community Property Agreements (Washington clients only)
  • Transfer on Death Deeds
  • Joint Ownership Agreements
  • Advice on probate┬áissues

I also offer FREE Estate Planning – Basics Seminars (MN only, coming to WA soon):

Moms/parents, church, work and other groups can schedule me to come to the group to discuss the basics of estate planning. This seminar is a 30-45 minute information/Q&A session that will cover:

  • What is an estate plan
  • Why having an estate plan is so important
  • The five documents that everyone should have


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